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Established in 2014 in Jordan, WATERLINE is a family-run enterprise dedicated to  delivering top-notch products and services in decoration, design, and the supply of decorative materials. Our range of materials is meticulously curated, adhering to stringent standards of distinction and uniqueness, showcasing our commitment to
staying at the forefront of industry developments.


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To lead the interior design and decoration industry with pioneering ideas and accomplishments.


To deliver top-notch work in the field of interior design and
decoration, fostering inspiring partnerships in Jordan and the Middle East


We prioritize customer satisfaction, uphold integrity and professionalism, emphasize teamwork, invest in our team's potential, and pursue Middle East expansion.

Our Expertise

From design to implementation, WATERLINE brings innovative designs to life with meticulous attention to detail, utilizing high-quality specifications and materials. Our projects are tailored to your needs, adhering to budget constraints and achieving desired goals in accordance with ISO standards.

Our Achievements

WATERLINE stands out in the competitive landscape of decoration, excelling in design, supply, and implementation. Our reputation for creativity, precision, mastery, diversity, and uniqueness sets us apart from competitors and earns the trust of our  customers.

Design and Creativity

Design and creativity, along with studies based on multiple sciences, aim to achieve the highest level of client requirements and needs, tailored to their aspirations, with modern and distinctive additions. This involves providing and utilizing spaces practically in all residential and commercial settings.

Our History

Although officially established in 2014, the inception of WATERLINE had been brewing in the minds of its founders for several years. Our journey of excellence, development, and creativity persists, shaping WATERLINE into what it is today.

A Word from Managing Director

Firas Al Halayqa

At WATERLINE, we are not satisfied with past success and present achievements but strive together for a future rich in unique ideas, satisfying our customers beyond their expectations and raising the prospects for the field of decoration and design in the Middle East via new offerings that differ from what is already on the market. Our assets—people with diverse professional design backgrounds, efficient and encouraging management, an inspiring and stimulating work environment, and the utmost value placed on teamwork, creativity, credibility, and quality—have made WATERLINE, with its services, products, and human capacities, advance to the forefront of the design and decoration field, not only in Jordan but throughout the Middle East.

With love and respect,

Eng. Firas Al Halayqa
General Manager of WATERLINE
Amman, Jordan

Khilda - next to the New English School

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